Asking for It

Version: Unabridged
Author: Louise O'Neill
Narrator: Aoife McMahon
Genres: Non-Fiction, Health & Wellness, Women's Health, Social Science
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Published In: August 2017
Length: 2 minutes
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Emma O'Donovan is eighteen, beautiful, and fearless. It's the beginning of summer in a quiet Irish town and tonight she and her friends have dressed to impress. Everyone is at the party, and all eyes are on Emma. The next morning Emma's parents discover her collapsed on the doorstop of their home, unconscious. She is disheveled, bleeding, and disoriented, looking as if she had been dumped there. To her distress, Emma can't remember what happened the night before. All she knows is that none of her friends will respond to her texts. At school, people turn away from her and whisper under their breath. Her mind may be a blank as far as the events of the previous evening, but someone has posted photos of it on Facebook under a fake account, "Easy Emma"-photos she will never be able to forget. As the photos go viral and a criminal investigation is launched, the community is thrown into tumult. The media descends, neighbors choose sides, and people from all over the world want to talk about her story. Everyone has something to say about Emma. Contains mature themes.

Author Details

Author Details

O'Neill, Louise

Louise O'Neill is the author of Only Ever Yours, which won the YA Book Prize, among other distinctions. Louise was born in West Cork, Ireland. She studied English at Trinity College Dublin and has worked for the senior style director of American Elle magazine. She currently works as a freelance journalist and YA author.