Big Bucks!

Version: Unabridged
Author: Ken Blanchard , Sheldon Bowles
Narrator: Sheldon Bowles
Genres: Business & Economics, Personal Finance
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Published In: May 2000
# of Units: 3 CDs
Length: 3 hours, 30 minutes
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Guidelines to Becoming a MultimillionaireWith Big Bucks!, bestselling authors Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles unlock the secrets of making serious money for both you and your company. Through a series of easy to follow steps and powerful strategies, Blanchard and Bowles show how anyone can create lasting wealth. Big Bucks! isn't about investing or squeezing money you already have. It's about making serious money in the first place.Written in the parable style of their previous books, Raving Fans and Gung Ho!, Big Bucks! distills into three simple steps years of watching, analyzing, and studying successful money makers. In Big Bucks!, you'll meet Len, Who learns from a group of mentors how to overcome three challenges on his way to attaining more wealth than he ever dreamed possible. He learns that these three tests can be undertaken by any individual or organization in the pursuit of big bucks.Packed with practical advice, Big Bucks! is a must for any individual or business professional seeking wealth. It's destined to become one of the major works on making money in the twenty-first century

Reviews (2)

Good, Rich Advice...But You'll Need More

Written by Anonymous from Houston, TX on April 21st, 2005

  • Book Rating: 3/5

It's an interesting book and certainly a good listen. But if you are serious about increasing value for yourself and/or your company, this book will not provide very many how-to specifics.

Big Bucks

Written by Bukunola Disu from San Antonio, TX on January 18th, 2005

  • Book Rating: 5/5

Awesome business book, full of good ideas that are highly practical.

Author Details

Author Details

Blanchard, Ken

Few people have impacted the day-to-day management of people and companies more than Ken Blanchard. A prominent, gregarious, sought-after author, speaker, and business consultant, Dr. Blanchard is universally characterized by his friends, colleagues, and clients as one of the most insightful, powerful, and compassionate individuals in business today.

When Ken speaks, he speaks from the heart with warmth and humor. His unique gift is to speak to an audience and communicate with each person as if they were alone and talking one on one. He is a polished storyteller with a knack for making the seemingly complex easy to understand.

From his phenomenal best-selling book, The One Minute Manager®, coauthored with Spencer Johnson, which has sold more than 12 million copies and remains on best-seller lists, to the library of books coauthored with Sheldon Bowles, Raving Fans®, Gung Ho!®, Big Bucks!, and High Five!, Ken’s impact as a writer is far reaching.

He wrote his latest book, Leading at a Higher Level: Blanchard on Leadership and Creating High Performing Organizations, with the founding associates and consulting partners of The Ken Blanchard Companies. This definitive "Blanchard on Leadership" combines more than 25 years of breakthrough leadership insights in one extraordinary book.

Ken is Chief Spiritual Officer of The Ken Blanchard Companies®, an international management training and consulting firm that he and his wife, Dr. Marjorie Blanchard, founded in 1979 in San Diego, California. He is also a visiting lecturer at his alma mater, Cornell University, where he is a trustee emeritus of the Board of Trustees. Ken is cofounder of The Center for FaithWalk Leadership, which is dedicated to helping leaders walk their talk in the marketplace.

Ken has received many awards and honors for his contributions in the fields of management, leadership and speaking. The National Speakers Association awarded him its highest honor, the "Council of Peers Award of Excellence." He was inducted into the HRD Hall of Fame by Training magazine and Lakewood Conferences, and he received the Golden Gavel Award from Toastmasters International. And in 2004 Ken was awarded with The Thought Leadership Award for continued support of work-related learning and performance by ISA—The Association of Learning Providers.

Bowles, Sheldon

"Sheldon Bowles is a successful entrepreneur, New York Times and Business Week best selling author, and noted speaker. He began his career as a newspaper reporter, became vice president of Royal Canadian Securities, and the president and CEO of Domos Gas. With partner Senator Douglas Everett, he built that company into one of Canada's largest retail gasoline chains. At a time when competitors were going to self-serve, Domo swept to success featuring ;Jump to the Pump; service with gung ho employees.

After leaving Domo, Sheldon, with three partners, turned a small manufacturing plant into a multimillion-dollar business. Sheldon now shares his hard-won knowledge of what works and what does not with audiences around the world and his books, Raving Fans and Gung Ho! both co-authored with Ken Blanchard.

Sheldon has been called ;a customer-service legend; by Harvey Mackay, ;a master motivator of employees; by Bob Nelson, and ;a stimulating and entertaining speaker with great take-home value; by Ken Blanchard. Audiences find him thought provoking, inspirational, and fun. Business colleagues describe him as having a passion for win-win thinking, action, and success. And friends testify to his ability to pluck humor and lessons of life out of any situation."