Bishop Spong Speaks Out: Sept. 11 and Death of God, the Father/ The Bishop & the Cosmologist

Version: Abridged
Author: Bishop John Shelby Spong
Narrator: Don Hill
Genres: Religion & Spirituality, Christianity
Publisher: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC Audio)
Published In: September 2003
Length: 1 hour
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Bishop John Shelby Spong is an Episcopal bishop in Newark, New Jersey who breathes new life into old ways of thinking. He has been described as the most radical bishop in the world. He is one of the governing members of the Christian Church, and supposedly a defender of its ancient creeds and doctrines.

Sept. 11 and the Death of God the Father - A Conversation with Bishop John Spong. Bishop Spong believes that September 11th was abundant proof - if proof were needed at all - that our traditional notion of "a God who watches over us" is nothing but an illusion. Bishop Spong suggests we replace that exhausted notion of God with a celebration of the "God experience." He calls for Christians everywhere to mature into a new Christianity, one that recognizes that "WE are solely responsible for our lives, and for the lives of those around us.

The Bishop & The Cosmologist - Bishop John Shelby Spong appears to deny the most basic tenets of Christian faith. In this interview, Spong explains why he thinks Christianity must change or die.