Create Your Own Economy: The Path to Prosperity in a Disordered World

Version: Unabridged
Author: Tyler Cowen
Narrator: Patrick Lawlor
Genres: Business & Economics
Publisher: Tantor Media
Published In: August 2009
# of Units: 7 CDs
Length: 8 hours
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How will we live well in a super-networked, information-soaked, yet predictably irrational world? The only way to know is to understand how the way we think is changing.

As economist Tyler Cowen boldly shows in Create Your Own Economy, the way we think now is changing more rapidly than it has in a very long time. Not since the Industrial Revolution has a man-made creation-in this case, the World Wide Web-so greatly influenced the way our minds work and our human potential. Cowen argues brilliantly that we are breaking down cultural information into ever-smaller tidbits, ordering and reordering them in our minds (and our computers) to meet our own specific needs.

Create Your Own Economy explains why the coming world of Web 3.0 is good for us; why social networking sites such as Facebook are so necessary; what's so great about 'Tweeting' and texting; how education will get better; and why politics, literature, and philosophy will become richer. This is a revolutionary guide to life in the new world.

Author Details

Author Details

Cowen, Tyler

Tyler Cowen is professor of economics at George Mason University. His books include "Creative Destruction" (Princeton) and "Create Your Own Economy." He frequently writes for the "New York Times," Slate, and the economics blog Marginal Revolution.