Version: Unabridged
Author: Matthew Mather
Narrator: Tom Taylorson
Genres: Fiction & Literature, Suspense, Action & Adventure
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks
Published In: January 2014
# of Units: 9 CDs
Length: 11 hours, 30 minutes
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Sometimes the worst storms aren t from Mother Nature, and sometimes the worst nightmares aren t the ones in our heads.

Mike Mitchell, an average New Yorker already struggling to keep his family together, suddenly finds himself fighting just to keep them alive when an increasingly bizarre string of disasters starts appearing on the world s news networks. As both the real world and the cyberworld come crashing down, bending perception and reality, a monster snowstorm cuts New York off from the world, turning it into a wintry tomb where nothing is what it seems.

Anyone who enjoys insightful, cutting-edge fiction mixed with action and adventure won t want to miss "CyberStorm."

Author Details

Author Details

Mather, Matthew

MATTHEW MATHER grew up in Montreal and is the author of the bestselling novel The Atopia Chronicles. He is also a leading member of the world s cybersecurity community and started his career at the McGill University Centre for Intelligent Machines. He founded one of the first companies to develop tactile interfaces (also known as touch screens) and has worked in computational nanotechnology, weather prediction systems, genomics and social intelligence research. CyberStorm has been acquired for film by 20th Century Fox. Mather divides his time between Montreal and Charlotte, North Carolina.


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