Death of a Greedy Woman

Version: Unabridged
Author: M. C. Beaton
Narrator: Shaun Grindell
Genres: Detective Stories, Police Stories
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks
Published In: December 2013
# of Units: 5 CDs
Length: 5 hours
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A classic title from M. C. Beaton's New York Times bestselling Hamish Macbeth series
Peta Gore is the bane of her friend's otherwise successfullife. Maria Worth has come to hate her old friend-a noisy, vulgar glutton.There is no other way to describe Peta. She doesn't just "have a good appetite"-shesucks and chomps and chews with relish. Not only are her table mannershorrifying, but she has a habit of showing up at Maria's carefully planned singles'gatherings and spoiling everything by flirting with all the men. This timeMaria is determined to keep her latest event a secret.
The gathering is to be at Tommel Castle Hotel in the remoteScottish village of Lochdubh-the perfect setting for a particularly difficultgroup. Nothing can go wrong. Except that somehow Peta finds out about thegathering and shows up, thoroughly disgusting everyone. Guests and staff bandtogether in mutual loathing. But does someone hate her enough to kill her? Whenshe is found dead, an apple stuck unceremoniously in her mouth, ConstableHamish Macbeth is on the scene. With a castle full of odd suspects, the lazy,long-limbed constable has to put his wooing of the hotel proprietress,Priscilla, on hold to solve the case.

Author Details

Author Details

Beaton, M. C.

M.C. Beaton lives in the Cotswolds with her husband. In addition to the Hamish Macbeth series, she writes the Agatha Raisin mystery series.