Version: Abridged
Author: Paul Kennedy
Narrator: Unknown
Genres: Sports & Recreation, Golf
Publisher: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC Audio)
Published In: January 2003
Length: 1 hour
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Golf is not a sport; it's a test of character. It's a good walk spoiled. Golf has inspired great literature including works of fiction, philosophy, physics and metaphysics. Even the worst golfer is going to get something out of the game because it's forever changing. It's never the same problem twice. The essence of the game's addictiveness is that one will occasionally get shots that could win the U.S. Open. Golf likely began on the Non-arable ground in Linksland, Scotland. Sir Walter Simpson wrote The Art of Golf in 1887. He postulated that it may have been a shepherd who started golf through being bored with his job and hitting a stone (or sheep dung) into a rabbit hole.

Author Details

Author Details

Kennedy, Paul

Dr. Paul Kennedy is currently host of his own popular fitness radio call-in show "Get Fit Arizona" which is based in Phoenix and is a fitness consultant and lecturer. A former physical education teacher, football coach and wrestling coach, Dr. Kennedy served as Strength and Conditioning Coach at both Penn State and Rutgers University.