Here on Earth: An Argument for Hope

Version: Unabridged
Author: Tim Flannery
Narrator: Tim Flannery
Genres: Science & Technology
Publisher: Bolinda Publishing
Published In: April 2012
# of Units: 7 CDs
Length: 8 hours, 37 minutes
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Tim Flannery's first major book since The Weather Makers charts the history of life on our planet. Here on Earth, which draws its points of departure from Darwin and Wallace, Lovelock and Dawkins, is an extraordinary exploration of evolution and sustainability. Our success as a species has had disastrous effects on many of the Earth's ecosystems and could lead to our downfall. But equally, Flannery argues, we are now equipped as never before to explore our true relationship with the planet on which our biological, economic and cultural futures depend. Here on Earth is not just a dazzling account of life on our planet. It will change the way you live.

Author Details

Author Details

Flannery, Tim

Tim Flannery is an internationally acclaimed scientist, explorer, and conservationist. His most recent book, The Weather Makers, was a national and international best seller that was translated into twenty-four languages.