Iron Gold

Version: Unabridged
Author: Pierce Brown
Narrator: Tim Gerard Reynolds
Genres: Science Fiction, Action & Adventure
Publisher: Recorded Books
Published In: January 2018
# of Units: 14 CDs
Length: 16 hours, 39 minutes
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Honor and betrayal fuel a caste-shattering revolution in the action-packed new novel from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Red Rising Trilogy. Ten years after the events of Morning Star, Darrow and the Rising are battling the remaining Gold loyalist forces and are closer than ever to abolishing the color-coded caste system of Society for good. But new foes will emerge from the shadows to threaten the imperfect victory Darrow and his friends have earned. Pierce Brown expands the size and scope of his impressive Red Rising universe with new characters, enemies, and conflicts among the stars.

Reviews (5)

Written by Anonymous on June 25th, 2019

  • Book Rating: 5/5

good read

Written by Liesl D. on October 15th, 2018

  • Book Rating: 4/5

Brilliant ideas and great commentary on the topic of a meritocracy

Written by Adrian B. on June 2nd, 2018

  • Book Rating: 4/5

Excellent series. The mix of characters (and narrators) in this latest book brings the story to another level. Book is constantly moving and action packed from start to finish.


Written by David B. on May 20th, 2018

  • Book Rating: 5/5

I loved the whole series great characters,the narration was superb. The last book was an emotional roller coaster the character of lyria was read with so much emotion I brought me to tears I really was immersed in her agony. Would recommend this series.


Written by Katie C on January 22nd, 2018

  • Book Rating: 5/5

****CONTAINS SPOILERS**** I’m torn. The Red Rising books are my favorite books/series. Returning to the world is both exhilarating and scary. I started reading with trepidation but quickly got all caught up in the world and characters again. Just the prologue was enough to give me chills and bring tears to my eyes. Darrow is my favorite character because of both his strengths and weaknesses. He started this war and he feels it is his duty to finish it. Unfortunately, this screws up his priorities. It makes me sad reading Darrow’s arc in Iron Gold. But I have faith in Pierce Brown he will not have his hero continue this way. In each of the previous books, he has always written Darrow at a low and rising up from it. Pax is another amazing character. He is not the perfect fighter (granted yes he’s 10) but he is intelligent and caring. I think he’ll be a great leader for the Republic one day. One of the reasons I love this series so much is because of the constant action. The first 3 books never have a dull moment. Iron Gold had some but I think it’s because of the new characters. Darrow’s POV was my favorite but I also enjoyed Lysander’s. Even though I ultimately disagree with him, I think he’ll have a big part in the end game of the war. Lyria and Ephraim’s POV were just a bit lackluster for me. I found myself not liking their characters. But, I do like that we meet them and get to understand how the war is affecting everyone. I just hope we get new POV’s in Dark Age.

Author Details

Author Details

Brown, Pierce

Pierce Brown spent his childhood building forts and setting traps for cousins in the woods of six states and the deserts of two. Graduating college in 2010, he fancied the idea of continuing his studies at Hogwarts. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a magical bone in body. So while trying to make it as a writer, he worked as a manager of social media at a startup tech company, toiled as a peon on the Disney lot at ABC Studios, did his time as an NBC page, and gave sleep deprivation a new meaning during his stint as an aide on a U.S. Senate Campaign. Now he lives Los Angeles, wher