Just Representin'

Version: Unabridged
Author: Gilbert Esquivel
Narrator: Gilbert Esquivel
Genres: Comedy
Publisher: Uproar Entertainment
Published In: May 2001
Length: 1 hour
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Gilbert Esquivel makes us laugh through nine tracks of his hilarious comedy.

Gil's CD is packed with the funniest string of Mexican jokes you'll ever hear. Just as Foxworthy knows his Rednecks, Gil knows his Mexicans! You have to hear this CD to believe how good it is. And you'll be using his jokes for years!

White Folks / Mezkin in the White House / Latin Implosion / Mexicans vs. Mezkins / Ghetto Life / Gorgeously Challed / I Married a Hood Rat / Crackhead Barbie / The Ghetto National Anthem