Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them: When Loving Hurts and You Don't Know Why

Version: Unabridged
Author: Susan Forward , Joan Torres
Narrator: Randye Kaye
Genres: Self Development, Marriage & Family
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Published In: December 2017
# of Units: 7 CDs
Length: 9 hours, 1 minute
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Is this the way love is supposed to feel? ● Does the man you love assume the right to control how you live and behave? ● Have you given up important activities or people to keep him happy? ● Does he belittle your opinions, your feelings, or your accomplishments? ● Does he withdraw love, money, approval, or sex to punish you? ● Does he blame you for everything that goes wrong in the relationship? ● Do you find yourself walking on eggs and apologizing all the time? If the questions here reveal a familiar pattern, you may be in love with a misogynist-a man who loves you, yet causes you tremendous pain because he acts as if he hates you. In this superb self-help guide, Dr. Susan Forward draws on case histories and the voices of men and women trapped in these negative relationships to help you understand your man's destructive pattern and the part you play in it.

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Written by Shannon H. on November 17th, 2019

  • Book Rating: 5/5

I read this book when I was only eighteen it was given to me by my very wise mother.It immediately caught my full attention because I was amazed at reading about myself in a book written by someone who seamed to know me quite well for someone I swear I did not meet or know The words she wrote seamed like we were so very acquainted so intimately she knew the me I dutifully and dillently kept repressed, hidden from everyone except for a higher power that sees and hears everything and every word,even those I'd dare not utter aloud.Was I that unremarkable that I could be one of a million women so ordinary that I got a cookie cutter standard issue sack of bones or a stereotypical abused over member of a group of simple sheep?The possibilities were terrifyingly under whelming.

Author Details

Author Details

Forward, Susan

Susan Forward, Ph.D., is an internationally renowned therapist, lecturer, and author of the number one New York Times bestseller Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them.

Torres, Joan

Joan Torres is an award-winning freelance writer with extensive movie and television credits.