Most Wanted

Version: Unabridged
Author: Lisa Scottoline
Narrator: Julia Whelan
Genres: Suspense
Publisher: Macmillan Audio
Published In: April 2016
# of Units: 10 CDs
Length: 12 hours, 30 minutes
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Tall. Blonde. Blue eyes.
Medical Student.
Wanted for Serial Murder.
"Spellbinding. Another tour de force from Scottoline. It drew me in, in a single breath." -Mary Kubica, bestselling author of The Good Girl
Christine Nilsson and her husband, Marcus, are desperate for a baby. Unable to conceive, they find themselves facing a difficult choice they had never anticipated. After many appointments with specialists, endless research, and countless conversations, they make the decision to use a donor.
Two months pass, and Christine is happily pregnant. But one day, she is shocked to see a young blond man on the TV news being arrested for a series of brutal murders-and the blond man bears an undeniable and uncanny resemblance to her donor.
Delving deeper to uncover the truth, Christine must confront a terrifying reality and face her worst fears. Riveting and fast-paced with the depth of emotionality that has garnered Lisa Scottoline legions of fans, Most Wanted poses and ethical and moral dilemma: What would you do if the biological father of your unborn child was a serial killer?

Reviews (3)

Written by Belle C on August 16th, 2017

  • Book Rating: 3/5

Good book, but I found the first couple hours a little boring. But then it picked up and kept my interest.

Written by Robin Maddox on August 1st, 2016

  • Book Rating: 4/5

Audio is a great format for this book. It kept me riveted. If your looking for something that will keep your attention and wanting to hear more.. This is a great choice. My only criticism is the main character could be a little bit naive, but it was only mildly eye rolling.. Nothing too distracting. Loved it.

Written by Paulette N Haines on May 16th, 2016

  • Book Rating: 5/5

So thrilling with its' sudden turns!!! A great story about a mother's love!!!

Author Details

Author Details

Scottoline, Lisa

Lisa loves her job and it shows in her writing. Her bestselling novels, set in Philadelphia and featuring gutsy and resilient female characters, have thrilled and entertained readers with page-turning action and her trademark wit and humor. USA Today hails her writing as "sharp, intelligent, funny, and hip" and says that she "gives fans of thrillers a good, twisty plot, lively characters, and an all-around fun read."

Simply put, Time Magazine says "Scottoline is a star."

Lisa has created an array of unforgettable characters, and continues to add to the cast with each new book. Many of her books feature the all-female firm of Rosato & Associates, while the rest introduce fresh, new, but equally compelling heroines all written in Lisa's unique voice. For those who know and love Mary, Bennie, Anne and Judy you will be enthralled with LADY KILLER and the return of Mary DiNunzio and her quirky cast of family and friends. If you are new to Lisa's books, LADY KILLER is the perfect place to start. You, too, will quickly fall in love with Mary and cheer her on from beginning to end.

In LADY KILLER, all of Mary DiNunzio's teenage angst comes flooding back when her high school nemesis, Trish Gambone (dubbed "Trash" by Mary) comes seeking her help. It doesn't matter that Mary is now the rainmaker of Rosato & Associates, Trish's mere presence is enough to make Mary feel like she's at the bottom of the food chain. As it turns out, however, Trish's life has taken a horrifying turn. She is terrified of her live-in boyfriend, an abusive South Philly mobster, who just happens to be one of Mary's ex-boyfriends. When Trish vanishes, Mary makes it her personal mission to find her longtime enemy, and works against the clock to save her life. Complete with a Scottoline style shocking surprise ending, DiNunzio is forced to confront some very uncomfortable truths about her own past and the profound effects of lifelong love — and hate.

The paperback edition of Daddy's Girl, Lisa's #3 New York Times bestseller has also arrived. Filled with the ingenious twists, pulse-pounding narrative drive, and dynamic, flesh-and-blood characters, Daddy's Girl, Lisa's 14th novel, stars a brand new heroine, Natalie Greco.

Lisa Scottoline is a New York Times bestselling author of 15 novels. She writes a weekly column called "Chick Wit" for the Philadelphia Inquirer, and has won many awards, including the Fun Fearless Female Award by Cosmopolitan Magazine and the Edgar Award by the Mystery Writers of America. She teaches Justice and Fiction at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and appears in Court TV's new crime series, "Murder By The Book." Her books are published in more than 20 languages, and she is a lifelong resident of the Philadelphia area.

Born, raised and schooled in Philly, Lisa went to (where else?) the University of Pennsylvania. She graduated magna cum laude in just three years earning her degree in English with a concentration in the contemporary American novel, and she was taught writing by professors such as National Book Award Winner Philip Roth. Lisa went on to attend the University of Pennsylvania's Law School, graduating cum laude in 1981, and landed a coveted clerkship for a state appellate judge.

Following the clerkship, Lisa joined the prestigious Philadelphia law firm of Dechert, Price & Rhoads as a litigator. Although her career was on the right path, her marriage was not, and it ended shortly after the birth of her baby. Determined to raise her new daughter, Lisa gave up the law to stay at home with her child, but needed to find a way to pay the bills.

Always interested in writing, and a big fan of the hot new writers Grisham and Turow and the newly created legal thriller genre, Lisa realized that no women lawyers were writing legal thrillers, and decided to give it a shot. Living a life solely financed by five Visa's cards, Lisa allowed herself five years, or $50,000 in credit (whichever came first) to write and sell her first book.

Three years later, Lisa had a finished book, a daughter starting school, and five maxed-out credit cards. Debt-ridden, Lisa took a part-time job clerking for a federal appellate judge. No more than a week later, her first novel, Everywhere That Mary Went was bought by HarperCollins' editor Carolyn Marino. Critically acclaimed, Everywhere That Mary Went was nominated by the Mystery Writer's of America for the Edgar Award, suspense fiction's premiere award, and the award went to...someone else. But, the very next year, Lisa's second book, Final Appeal was nominated for the Edgar and won!

A true believer that you should write what you know, Lisa sets all of her books in Philadelphia and many of her previous books feature the all-female law firm of Rosato & Associates. Her 14th novel, Daddy's Girl, features Natalie Greco, a bookworm law professor whose ideal life is thrown into chaos when a riot breaks out in a prison where she is teaching, leaving her with the dangerous task of delivering a prison guard's dying words. Daddy's Girl jumped to #3 on the New York Times hardcover bestseller list, the highest showing to date for Lisa's books, and will be available in paperback in January 2008.

Following her Edgar award-winner Final Appeal, Lisa went on to write Running From the Law, Legal Tender and Rough Justice, which earned both critical and commercial thumbs-up. The books received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Kirkus while People Magazine chose Rough Justice as a "Page-Turner of the Week" and Cosmopolitan Magazine selected Legal Tender for its premiere book club selection.

Lisa's fifth book, Mistaken Identity was her first book to become a New York Times bestseller, and in its paperback edition went all the way to lucky #5 on The List.

Early rave reviews, including another starred review from Publishers Weekly created early buzz for Moment of Truth and it became an instant national bestseller, giving Lisa simultaneous hardcover (Moment of Truth) and paperback (Mistaken Identity) New York Times bestsellers.

Appearing on all the national and local bestseller lists, The Vendetta Defense was named one of "The Ten Best Mysteries of the Year" by the Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel. At the same time, the paperback edition of Moment of Truth became an instant New York Times bestseller.

Hailed as a "sexy summer read" by Cosmopolitan Magazine, Courting Trouble became a beach reading favorite of 2002, and immediately jumped onto the New York Times bestseller list. It features Anne Murphy, a gorgeous, daring and fashion-conscious redhead rookie lawyer who's "lack of impulse control" brings more to the all-female law firm than anyone bargained for.

Lisa's tenth book Dead Ringer marked a new high for Lisa when it became an instant New York Times bestseller, landing all the way at #5 and a Los Angeles Times bestseller at #3! It was chosen by Costco as a book club selection and was a Main Selection for both Literary Guild and Mystery Guild. In it, Bennie Rosato's evil twin sister, Alice Connolley is back and wreaking havoc on her life, hell-bent on destroying Bennie's credibility, good-name, and everything she loves.

Her eleventh, New York Times bestseller, Killer Smile, is a book that is very personal to Lisa. The idea for the book was sparked by a family secret that introduced her to a piece of her family history, cultural history and American history, that begged the question "What is justice?," Lisa's favorite topic. Killer Smile is a fast-paced, cleverly plotted thriller, with enough one-liners to keep readers laughing out loud. It stars the young associate Mary DiNunzio as she takes on a case—involving the suicide of an Italian-American in an internment camp during World War II—which may not be history after all. Add to that the fact that everybody around Mary has decided that she's not allowed to be a Young Widow anymore, and is fixing her up with blind dates from hell. Then a killer comes after her, and it's more than any girl can handle-but not any woman.

In her twelfth book, New York Times bestseller Devil's Corner, Lisa takes readers on another rousing ride through her beloved city, delivering a gripping stand-alone thriller, featuring the gutsy Assistant U.S. Attorney, Vicki Allegretti, and inspired by one of the biggest crack cocaine busts in Philadelphia history. Publisher's Weekly says, "Scottoline's ability to mix humor with serious subject matter, combined with her intense research of inner city drug trafficking and a side plot involving Vicki's love life, make for compelling entertainment." The book opens with a bang and readers will be hooked from the very first sentence.

Lisa's 13th novel, Dirty Blonde, became an instant New York Times hardcoverbestseller, landing in the #5 spot. Available January 31, 2007 in paperback, it is a riveting page-turner about sex and murder, which starts in the elite chambers of a sexy female judge and ends in the cold, gritty alleys of Philadelphia. In it we meet Cate Fante, a strong, smart, and young federal judge who leads a secret double life — one that she doesn't even tell her best friend about. But, it all comes shockingly to light when a case in Cate's courtroom explodes in a murder-suicide. The tabloids scream her secrets, her boyfriend dumps her, and her judgeship hangs in jeopardy. When a killer comes after her, she runs for her life, only to bring her own mysterious past to the present.

A lifelong Philadelphian, Lisa still lives in the Philadelphia area and enjoys writing about her hometown city. Her books have been translated into over twenty languages.

She's a mom, a best-selling author, and a lawyer, but you already know that. Here are some things you don't know about Lisa, the kind of things that you may or may not learn from her books. She lives for family, is incredibly generous, and enjoys her time at home. She is a die-hard Eagles fan, thinks "I Love Lucy" is one of the all-time greatest series comedies, and loves fast-paced, entertaining books. She is proud to be American, proud to be Italian, and proud to have the most amazing daughter (and she is not the least bit biased!)