Night Wolf: A Novel of Viking Age Ireland

Version: Unabridged
Author: James L. Nelson
Narrator: Shaun Grindell
Genres: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Published In: October 2016
# of Units: 12 CDs
Length: 13 hours, 12 minutes
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With their ill-fated raid on the monastary at Glendalough torn apart by betrayal and defeat, Thorgrim Night Wolf and his handful of survivors from the crew of Sea Hammer find themselves in desperate and tenuous straits. Stranded far from the safety of Vik-lo, surrounded by enemies, and with barely enough men to work the longship's oars, the Norsemen must make their way back through a dangerous and uncertain country. Thorgrim, however, is not interested in mere survival. His one thought, his one desire, is to take revenge on those whose treachery led to the slaughter of so many of his men. Assembling an ad hoc army of unlikely allies, Thorgrim leads his warriors to a final showdown that can end only in his enemies' death or his own.

Author Details

Author Details

Nelson, James L.

James L. Nelson is a native of Maine and a former professional square-rig sailor. He now lives Down East with his wife and children, where he continues to write and maintain his involvement with traditional sail. He is the author of "By Force of Arms, The Maddest Idea, The Continental Risque, " and the newest Revolution at Sea novel "All the Brave Fellows, " currently available in hardcover from Pocket Books. His Web site can be found at