Personally Speaking: The Magic of Falling Teeth, Crazy Like a Fox, Coming Home, a Voice of Warning, My Body

Version: Abridged
Author: Nancy Lee , Sharon Bar-David , Darren O'Donnell , Jennifer Van Evra , Jade Bell
Narrator: Unknown
Genres: Fiction & Literature, Audio Theatre, Drama
Publisher: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC Audio)
Published In: June 2005
Length: 1 hour
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The Magic of Falling Teeth - Its a world filled with wiggly teeth and tooth fairies, excitement and jealousies. World Gold Medal Winner at New York Festival 2002 Crazy like a Fox - a psychotic episode leading a leading playwright into a full mental breakdown. Gabriel Award 2002 Coming Home - Two wonderful people find out what makes a house a home. Gabrieal Award 2003 A Voice of Warning - Jade, a survivor a heroin overdose has lost his voice, and sight, as well as the ability to take care of himself. Yet through tapping out morse code we are able to hear his story in his own electronic voice. Grand and Gold Medals New York Festival 2003. My Body - Looking at society's fixation with the Breast. Gabrieal Award 2001

Author Details

Author Details

O'Donnell, Darren

Darren O'Donnell is a novelist (Your Secrets Sleep with Me), essayist, playwright (Inoculations, pppeeeeaaaccceee), director, designer, performer and artistic director of Mammalian Diving Reflex. His most recent book is Social Acupuncture: A Guide to Suicide, Performance and Utopia.