Version: Unabridged
Author: Ted Bell
Narrator: John Shea
Genres: Fiction & Literature, Thriller
Publisher: Brilliance Corporation
Published In: September 2008
# of Units: 15 CDs
Length: 15 hours, 20 minutes
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There dwells, somewhere in Russia, a man so powerful that no one even knows his name. His existence is only speculated upon, only whispered about, in American corridors of power and CIA strategy meetings. Though he is all but invisible, he is pulling strings - and pulling them hard. For suddenly, Russia is a far, far more ominous threat than even the most hardened cold warriors ever thought possible. The Russians have their finger on the fuel switch to the European economy and an eye on the American jugular. And, most important, they want to be made whole again. Should America interfere with Russia's plans to "reintegrate" her rogue states, well then, America will pay in blood. In Ted Bell's latest pulse-pounding and action-packed tour de force, Alex Hawke must face an insidious global nightmare of epic proportions. As this political crisis plays out, Russia gains a new leader. Not just a president, but a new Tsar, a signal to the world that the old, imperial Russia is back and is hellbent on global dominance. And in America, a mysterious killer, known only as Happy the Baker, brutally murders Americans on instructions from the Kremlin. Just a taste, according to the new Tsar, of what will happen if America does not back down. Onto this treacherous stage must step Alex Hawke, the only counter-terror agent, both the Americans and the Brits agree, who can stop the absolute madness born and bred inside the modern police state of Vladimir Putin's New Russia. Listeners will race through the action at breakneck speed as Ted Bell's "larger-than-life hero" (Publishers Weekly) crosses international borders to stop the Russians from executing the most devastating attack our world has ever seen. Gripping, thrilling, and impossible to put down, Tsar is the ultimate adventure ride from an author in a class of his own.

Author Details

Author Details

Bell, Ted

Ted Bell is the former Vice-Chairman of the board and World-Wide Creative Director of Young & Rubicam, one of the world's largest advertising agencies. He is the "New York Times" bestselling author of "Hawke, Assassin, " and "Pirate."