The Beginner's Guide to Shamanic Journeying

Version: Unabridged
Author: Sandra Ingerman
Narrator: Sandra Ingerman
Genres: Religion & Spirituality, Health & Wellness, New Age
Publisher: Sounds True
Published In: November 2003
Length: 1 hour, 15 minutes
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Shamanic journeying is the inner art of traveling to the "invisible worlds" beyond ordinary reality to retrieve information for change in any area of our lives—from spirituality and health to work and relationships. On The Beginner's Guide to Shamanic Journeying, Sandra Ingerman shares the core teachings of this transformative practice, including the original role of the shaman in indigenous societies, how to meet and work with your "power animal" and other spirit teachers, and the keys to successful journeying in our modern culture. Includes drumming for three shamanic journeys.

Reviews (3)

Beginner's Guide to Shamanic Journeying

Written by Thom Ramsdell on October 24th, 2006

  • Book Rating: 2/5

Don't get the idea you are going on a journey, you're not. This is all pre journey 101 stuff.

Beginners Guide to Shamanic Journeying

Written by Anonymous on May 20th, 2005

  • Book Rating: 2/5

These cds are ok, nothing great, nothing bad. This material is pretty basic

Beginner's Guide to Shamanic Journ... [uab]

Written by Mary McGuire on February 1st, 2005

  • Book Rating: 2/5

Take the warning seriously . . . don't listen to the drumming segment in the car . . . it was a fun and brief introduction to a subject I know nothing about . . . can't say I went on any journeys but I'm a better informed person now in case I meet up with a Shaman anytime soon.

Author Details

Author Details

Ingerman, Sandra

Sandra Ingerman, MA, is a licensed therapist and the author of numerous books including How to Heal Toxic Thoughts, Soul Retrieval, and Medicine for the Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmental Toxins. She is also the author of several lecture programs produced by Sounds True. Sandra lives in New Mexico and can be found online at