The Changing Landscape of Europe and the Middle East: Why Geography Matters

Version: Unabridged
Author: Alexander Murphy
Narrator: Alexander Murphy
Genres: History, Non-Fiction, Europe, Middle East, Lectures
Publisher: Chautauqua Institution/ The Great Lecture Library
Published In: N/A
Length: 1 hour, 15 minutes
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Alexander Murphy is a Professor of Geography at the University of Oregon in Eugene. An author and lecturer, Murphy is at the forefront of the movement to combat geographic illiteracy in the U.S., spearheading the drive to add geography to the College Board's Advanced Placement program. He is currently president of the Association of American Geographers and vice president of the American Geographic Society.

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good lecture but not nearly enough information

Written by Anonymous on June 2nd, 2010

  • Book Rating: 1/5

The title whetted my appetite for a great topic. Undoubtedly Professor Murphy is very knowledgable on the subject. Unfortunately, I was left wanting much more than could be delivered in a 1 hour lecture. This was my mistake, I wanted a book on the subject but accidentally selected a lecture.