The Conspiracy Club

Version: Abridged
Author: Jonathan Kellerman
Narrator: David Birney
Genres: Fiction & Literature, Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Publisher: Random House (Audio)
Published In: November 2003
# of Units: 5 CDs
Length: 6 hours
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Over the course of twenty acclaimed novels of suspense, most recently The Murder Book and A Cold Heart, New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Kellerman has pitted psychologist Dr. Alex Delaware against adversaries as disturbed and dangerous as Delaware is clever and compassionate. Now in Kellerman's gripping new novel, a different hero will hold the reader spellbound: a dedicated young psychologist, unschooled in the ways of violent crime and incalculable evil–until his life is irreversibly touched by both . . . and he is thrust into a chilling hunt for a twenty-first-century Jack the Ripper.

When his brief, passionate romance with nurse Jocelyn Banks is cut short by her kidnapping and brutal murder, Dr. Jeremy Carrier is left emotionally devastated, haunted by his lover's grisly demise and warily eyed by police still seeking a prime suspect in the unsolved slaying. To escape the pain, he buries himself in his work as staff psychologist at City Central Hospital–only to be drawn deeper into a waking nightmare when more women turn up murdered in the same gruesome fashion as Jocelyn Banks . . . and the suspicion surrounding Jeremy intensifies. Now, the only way to prove his innocence and put his torment to rest is to follow the trail of a cunning psychopath.

Spurring on Jeremy's investigation is Dr. Arthur Chess, an enigmatic pathologist who specializes in examining the dead, but harbors a keen fascination with the darker deeds committed by the living. Arthurdraws Jeremy into an unexpected friendship, and into the confidence of a cryptic society devoted to matters unknown and unspoken. When he suddenly slips away, Jeremy is left to contend with an onslaught of anonymous clues–and the growing realization that a harrowing game of cat and mouse has been set in motion.

But who besides Jeremy is playing–and who is making the rules? Before the killer strikes again, Jeremy races to connect the disturbing puzzle pieces being fed to him. Yet his search for answers only seems to yield more questions. And deepening the mystery is the undeniable presence of someone watching it all–and guiding Jeremy's investigation from behind the scenes. As the game intensifies, Jeremy must decide if a secret ally is setting him on the right path . . . or a sadistic enemy is setting him up for a fate far beyond even the most twisted imagination.

Reviews (9)

Conspiracy Club

Written by Kay on October 21st, 2007

  • Book Rating: 4/5

Good read and I liked the characters. I would like to see more with these same characters and the way the mystery was solved was very different.

A very good mystery

Written by Anonymous from Washington, DC on October 3rd, 2007

  • Book Rating: 4/5

This was a very enjoyable book. I highly admire both the author and the narrator.

Conspiracy Club

Written by Michael Scott from Santa Cruz, CA on April 19th, 2006

  • Book Rating: 3/5

Being a Kellerman / Delaware series fan, The Conspiracy Club as entertaining. I enjoyed the narrator, and while the book was indeed slow in places it was entertaining, overall. Was it a "page turner"? No. Was it his best work? No. Would I like to see future Dr Carrier stories in the future? Yes. There was some obvious holes in the story, but that may be due to the fact that some evil soul determined that this audio book wasn't worth an UNABRIDGED version. However, it was still an entertaining read, overall.

Conspiracy Club

Written by Helen Medlock on October 13th, 2005

  • Book Rating: 3/5

The book was slow in many places and it seemed as if the author did not know just where he wanted to go with the story plot. The bases of the story could have been explained a little better with more about the killings histories. The main character Dr. Jerremy Carrier was belivable in his emotionaly devastiation from the loss of his lover that was brutally killed. The supporting characters in the club could have been more active with a better explanation of their purpose.

Conspiracy Club

Written by Anonymous on October 8th, 2005

  • Book Rating: 2/5

S L O W. I like kellerman's books but will stay to the main series... I struggled to get through this one.

conspiracy club

Written by Anonymous on October 7th, 2005

  • Book Rating: 4/5

In the beginning, I couldn't tell whether the main character was a good guy or bad guy. The book did keep me interested. I didn't expect the ending.

Surprisingly good

Written by Karen McHugh on September 8th, 2005

  • Book Rating: 4/5

I'm typically a die-hard Delaware fan, but Carrier got to me too. Kellerman has a great way of building the background characters and their personalities slowly, and divulging only so much when you need it...which of course makes me want to keep listening and finding out more about the characters...which lead to wanting to hear what comes next in the story...Nicely done

Conspiracy Club

Written by Dina Mac from Montebello, CA on March 13th, 2005

  • Book Rating: 4/5

I really liked it. It wasn't that believable, but I suspended my pragmatism while I read. It certainly kept you reading and wanting to know how it turned out. I wasn't quite biting my nails at the end, actually I was swearing at the main character for not calling the police, but it was a good ending.

New Kellerman era

Written by Anonymous from White Bluff, TN on February 12th, 2005

  • Book Rating: 3/5

After 15 years of reading Kellerman's work, knowing and loving Alex, Milo and Robin, meeting Jeremy Carrier is a shift. I had a little trouble warming up to the new guy. I want to know more about Dr. Chess and could see him balancing out Jeremy in the hero department. This novel wrapped up loose ends too quickly - possibly a victim of abridgement - but I'd give Jeremy another chance to show his stuff. As a consistent good read, you can't beat Kellerman.

Author Details

Author Details

Kellerman, Jonathan

Jonathan Kellerman was born in New York City in 1949 and grew up in Los Angeles. He helped work his way through UCLA as an editorial cartoonist, columnist, editor and freelance musician. As a senior, at the age of 22, he won a Samuel Goldwyn Writing Award for fiction.

Like his fictional protagonist, Alex Delaware, Jonathan received at Ph.D. in psychology at the age of 24, with a specialty in the treatment of children. He served internships in clinical psychology and pediatric psychology at Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles and was a post-doctoral HEW Fellow in Psychology and Human Development at CHLA.

IN 1975, Jonathan was asked by the hospital to conduct research into the psychological effects of extreme isolation (plastic bubble units) on children with cancer, and to coordinate care for these kids and their families. The success of that venture led to the establishment, in 1977 of the Psychosocial Program, Division of Oncology, the first comprehensive approach to the emotional aspects of pediatric cancer anywhere in the world. Jonathan was asked to be founding director and, along with his team, published extensively in the area of behavioral medicine. Decades later, the program, under the tutelage of one of Jonathan's former students, continues to break ground.

Jonathan's first published book was a medical text, PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF CHILDHOOD CANCER, 1980. One year later, came a book for parents, HELPING THE FEARFUL CHILD.

In 1985, Jonathan's first novel, WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS, was published to enormous critical and commercial success and became a New York Times bestseller. BOUGH was also produced as a t.v. movie and won the Edgar Allan Poe and Anthony Boucher Awards for Best First Novel. Since then, Jonathan has published a best-selling crime novel every year, and occasionally, two a year. In addition, he has written and illustrated two books for children and a nonfiction volume on childhood violence, SAVAGE SPAWN (1999.) Though no longer active as a psychotherapist, he is a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics and Psychology at University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine.

Jonathan is married to bestselling novelist Faye Kellerman and they have four children.