The Girl Who Lived Twice

Version: Unabridged
Author: David Lagercrantz
Narrator: Simon Vance
Genres: Mystery, Thriller & Horror
Publisher: Random House Audio Publishing Group
Published In: August 2019
# of Units: 8 CDs
Length: 9 hours
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The sixth Lisbeth Salander story--the crime-fiction phenomenon that has sold more than 90 million copies worldwide.

Lisbeth Salander--the fierce, unstoppable girl with the dragon tattoo--has disappeared. She's sold her apartment in Stockholm. She's gone silent electronically. She's told no one where she is. And no one is aware that at long last she's got her primal enemy, her twin sister, Camilla, squarely in her sights.

Mikael Blomkvist is trying to reach Lisbeth. He needs her help unraveling the identity of a man who lived and died on the streets in Stockholm--a man who does not exist in any official records and whose garbled last words hinted at possible damaging knowledge of people in the highest echelons of government and industry. In his pocket was a crumpled piece of paper with Blomkvist's phone number on it.

Once again, Salander and Blomkvist will come to each other's aid, moving in tandem toward the truths they each seek. In the end, it will be Blomkvist--in a moment of unimaginable self-sacrifice--who will make it possible for Lisbeth to face the most important battle of her life, and, finally, to put her past to rest.

Reviews (6)


Written by Anonymous on October 10th, 2019

  • Book Rating: 3/5

It was not in the league with Stieg Larson ‘s writing at all ‘


Written by Kristine K. on September 26th, 2019

  • Book Rating: 4/5

There are two stories running in parallel and they never really resolve. Only one of the stories involved Lisbeth directly. The other had so many characters in it that it became hard to follow. But, it was engaging and I am still interested in what happens next.

Written by John J. on September 16th, 2019

  • Book Rating: 3/5

I liked the story but it didn’t involve Lizbeth that much . It seems like it was taking care of some unfinished business, ie her sister, the MC, etc. curious I am to see where this goes from here.


Written by Amy F. on September 15th, 2019

  • Book Rating: 3/5

So disappointed in this book. The fascination with the other stories was the unexpected. This story was predictable throughout. Nowhere near the caliber of the original trilogy but we’ve lost that author unfortunately.


Written by Anonymous on September 15th, 2019

  • Book Rating: 3/5

The narration is great. The story is not my favorite. Not much about Lisbeth Salander. Too many characters and the story does not come together.


Written by Robert L. on September 7th, 2019

  • Book Rating: 2/5

I thought The Lisbeth Salander book was such a rip-off. The appeal for the series used to be a focus on her and her quirky and intelligent adventures. In this she became a minor character with a very complicated plot. I actually didn't care about the situation, or the characters lives. BL Beverly Hills