The Goomba's Book of Love

Version: Abridged
Author: Steven R. Schirripa
Narrator: Steven R. Schirripa
Genres: Comedy, Relationships
Publisher: Random House (Audio)
Published In: November 2003
# of Units: 3 CDs
Length: 3 hours
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Move over, Miss Lonelyhearts . . . Steven R. Schirripa, author of the runaway bestseller A Goomba's Guide to Life, is back with more life lessons from the neighborhood, and this time the subject is love.

Now, your average goomba may be better known for his penchant for gold chains and macaroni, but Steve Schirripa knows there is one driving force in a goomba's life and that's love—love for his mother and her Sunday sauce, his wife and kids, his friends, his goomar on the side, even for his car (and he better not catch you eating in it, if you know what's good for you). In other words, the goomba is full of love, capice?

Recalling stories of his own colorful journey from the streets of Bensonhurst to the bright lights of Las Vegas and stardom as Bobby "Bacala" Baccilieri in HBO's hit series The Sopranos, Schirripa observes the finer points of amore in all its forms. Take, for instance, the boundaries of brotherly love: It's okay, he explains, to go to a Mets game with your buddy but definitely not to a yoga class. Then there's the tough love of la famiglia. Every goomba is a family man, after all. So you want him to tell the truth? Ask him to swear on the heads of his children. Steve also waxes poetic about romantic love, complete with goomba dating tips ("Do steal a kiss; don't steal her purse"), what to look for in a real goomba broad ("Her? She'd go to the chair for me"), and a list of tender goomba movies (The Way We Was).

Alternately touching, telling, and laugh-out-loud funny, The Goomba's Book of Love proves that no one loves as fiercely (or as frequently) as a goomba

Reviews (4)


Written by Anonymous from Glen Cove, NY on March 29th, 2005

  • Book Rating: 4/5

Very informative. Describes the humanity of a stereotyped group of people. We all have our good and bad sides.

Loved to Laugh

Written by cmfgh on March 3rd, 2005

  • Book Rating: 3/5

Cute in a sweet Goomba's way. 'That Old Ace In The Hole' by Annie Proulx is MUCH funnier.

What a book

Written by Charles Barone from Charlestown, MA on February 10th, 2005

  • Book Rating: 4/5

The Narration was the best. He told some very interesting life stories with a goomba twist. It had the feel like he was talking to you over lunch. If you are an Italian-American or interested in the culture this book is fantastic.

The Goomba's Book of Love

Written by Anonymous on December 27th, 2004

  • Book Rating: 4/5

This book was laugh out loud funny. I appreciated the humor, although sometimes the references to "Goomba Sex" got a little long winded. All in all a very funny book and one that I would refer to all my friends who grew up in "Goomba land".

Author Details

Author Details

Schirripa, Steven R.

"Steve Schirripa was born in Brooklyn, NY - a city noted more for the ""mob"" stereotype rather than the blue collar actor. But stereotypes like a wiseguy's alibi can be misleading. Now a series regular on the acclaimed HBO drama ""The Sopranos"", the Brooklyn College graduate's acting odyssey began while working at a hotel on the Las Vegas strip.

As entertainment director of The Riviera Hotel, Steve worked with such comedians as Drew Carey, Kevin Pollak, Bruce Baum, and Bo. His cameo roles in their comedy specials led to episodic work on the small screen, with Steve continually showing up in more productions. In just the last couple years he has co-starred in ""The King of Queens"" with Kevin James, ""Angel with David Boreanaz, the ensemble cast of ""Chicago Hope"" and last year he had a recurring role on the NBC comedy ""Battery Park"".

A few years ago, while in NY for a wedding, Steve managed to get an audition for ""The Sopranos."" He was cast as Bobby Bacala - Uncle Juniors right hand man. It would be easy to think of this as simply perfect casting, but truth be told, Steve put in many hours doing double duty at the hotel while making time for acting classes. It's fortunate for him that a large Italian man with comic timing was needed.

Steve's big screen credentials are just as formidable. He's played memorable characters in ""Detroit Rock City"", ""Flintstones-Viva Rock Vegas"" and has also landed roles in films directed by such notables as Martin Scorcese, ""Casino"", Terry Gilliam, ""Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"" and Ron Shelton, ""Play it to the Bone.""

While finishing his second season on the award winning David Chase series, Steve has also kept up on his film work. He wrapped up ""Monday Night Mayhem"" with John Turturro and was recently seen with David Spade in ""Meet Joe Dirt"" and David Arquette in ""See Spot Run.""

Although filming ""The Sopranos"" requires him to be in NY for most of the year, Steve still keeps a home in Las Vegas with his wife Laura and their two daughters, Bria and Ciara. "

Fleming, Charles

Charles Fleming is a veteran entertainment industry reporter and the author of "After Havana "(Minotaur, January 2004), as well as "The New York Times" bestselling T"he Goomba's Guide to Life and High Concept: Don Simpson and the Hollywood Culture of Excess".