The Messenger

Version: Unabridged
Author: Daniel Silva
Narrator: Christopher Lane
Genres: Fiction & Literature, Thriller
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Published In: August 2006
# of Units: 9 CDs
Length: 11 hours
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Gabriel Allon, art restorer and spy, is about to face the greatest challenge of his life.
Allon is recovering from his grueling showdown with a Palestinian master terrorist, when terrorism comes to find him once again. An al-Qaeda suspect is killed in London, and photographs are found on his computer - photographs that lead Israeli intelligence to suspect that al-Qaeda is planning one of its most audacious attacks ever, straight at the heart of the Vatican.
Allon warns his old friend Monsignor Luigi Donati, the popes private secretary, and rushes to Rome to assist in security, but what neither he nor Donati knows is that the Vatican has been thoroughly penetrated. An extraordinary enemy walks among themand hes just getting started.
In the days and weeks to come, Allon and his colleagues will find themselves in a deadly duel of wits against one of the most dangerous men in the world - a hunt that will take them across Europe to the Caribbean and back. But for them, there may simply not be enough of anything: enough time, enough facts, enough luck.
All Allon can do is set his trap - and hope that he is not the one caught in it.

Reviews (5)


Written by dee from Reseda, CA on April 19th, 2011

  • Book Rating: 4/5

Very interesting and well written even if a bit far-fetched in spots. But then again, I am not, nor have I ever been a spy, so what do I know about far fetched. I enjoyed the characters and fast pace. It made my commute go by quickly.

The Messenger

Written by Bruce Curson from Slidell, LA on April 4th, 2009

  • Book Rating: 4/5

My second read in the Allon series. This one started slow but ended with a flare. I like the Gabriel Allon character a lot but this would not be the book that I would recommend to introduce the character to a new reader of Silva. With that said, I am hooked on the development of Allon.

Good Read

Written by Kvilleguy on October 16th, 2008

  • Book Rating: 4/5

Really good story. I found myself wanting to listen after I had gotten home and out of the car. Characters were interesting and complex. The action was steady and uninterrupted. I was not expecting the book to be this good and was pleasantly surprised.

The Messenger

Written by McRoadDog on August 23rd, 2008

  • Book Rating: 5/5

Initially it got off to a slow start but before reaching the halfway point, the reader was turbo charging the action to the point where I could hardly wait to put in the next CD...anytime I can cover 400 miles and stay this entertained, I'm good to go....

Slow Go

Written by Tom Watrous on March 31st, 2008

  • Book Rating: 3/5

Gets off to rather a slow start but I stayed with it and it picked up. Pretty average yarn; not one that you'd get to work and stay in the car for 10 more minutes to keep listening.

Author Details

Author Details

Silva, Daniel

He has been placed in the same category as John le Carré and Graham Greene. He has been called his generation’s finest writer of international intrigue and one of the greatest American spy novelists ever. Compelling, passionate, haunting, brilliant: these are the words that have been used to describe the work of Daniel Silva.

Silva burst onto the scene in 1997 with his electrifying bestselling debut, The Unlikely Spy, a novel of love and deception set around the Allied invasion of France in World War II. His second and third novels, The Mark of the Assassin and The Marching Season, were also instant New York Times bestsellers and starred two of Silva’s most memorable characters: CIA officer Michael Osbourne and international hit man Jean-Paul Delaroche. But it was Silva’s fourth novel, The Kill Artist, that would alter the course of his career. The novel featured a character described as one of the most memorable and compelling in contemporary fiction, the art restorer and sometime Israeli secret agent Gabriel Allon, and though Silva did not realize it at the time, Gabriel’s adventures had only just begun. Gabriel Allon appeared in Silva’s next four novels, each one more successful than the last: The English Assassin, The Confessor, A Death in Vienna, and Prince of Fire. The sixth Gabriel Allon novel, The Messenger, will be published in July 2006.

Silva knew from a very early age that he wanted to become a writer, but his first profession would be journalism. Born in Michigan, raised and educated in California, he was pursuing a master’s degree in international relations when he received a temporary job offer from United Press International to help cover the 1984 Democratic National Convention in San Francisco. Later that year Silva abandoned his studies and joined UPI fulltime, working first in San Francisco, then on the foreign desk in Washington, and finally as Middle East correspondent in Cairo and the Persian Gulf. In 1987, while covering the Iran-Iraq war, he met NBC correspondent Jamie Gangel. They were married later that year. Silva returned to Washington and went to work for CNN. In 1994 Jamie gave birth to a set of twins, Lily and Nicholas.

In 1995 he confessed to Jamie that his true ambition was to be a novelist. With her support and encouragement he secretly began work on the manuscript that would eventually become The Unlikely Spy. He left CNN in 1997 after the book’s successful publication and began writing full time. He continues to reside in Washington and when not writing he can usually be found roaming the stacks of the Georgetown University library, where he does much of the research for his books.

Though all of Silva’s books have been New York Times and national bestsellers, his success has not been limited to the United States. His books have been translated into more than 25 languages and have been published across Europe and around the world. He is currently at work on a new Gabriel Allon novel and warmly thanks all those friends and loyal readers who have helped to make the series a success.