The Night John Lennon Died ... So Did John Doe

Version: Unabridged
Author: Louisa Burns-Bisogno , Saundra Shohen
Narrator: Kathleen Early
Genres: Suspense, Detective Stories
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks
Published In: April 2015
# of Units: 7 CDs
Length: 7 hours, 52 minutes
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Annie has just started her new job as emergency room administrator at Roosevelt Hospital. In her wildest dreams, she never expects December 8, 1980, to be her baptism by fire when John Lennon s bloodied body is carried into the ER over the shoulder of a policeman. Nor could she anticipate, moments later, the suspicious death of an elderly John Doe. As the old man s frail body is placed next to Lennon s in the morgue van, Annie believes her involvement in these two senseless deaths is over. It is not.

As the media descends--including a cub reporter hell-bent on getting the story of the century--Annie s mettle is put to the test. During the chaotic week that follows, while the details of Lennon s murder develop, Annie becomes profoundly embroiled in the mystery of the old man. With his last ounce of strength he had attempted to communicate with her. When Annie discovers that Doe was deaf and was signing murder, she feels compelled to investigate. Why would anyone kill a desperately poor, terminally ill, handicapped man?

Coping with her own demons and driven by intense guilt, Annie jeopardizes her hard-earned position as administrator by questioning the ER physician s determination of accidental death on Doe s death certificate. As she follows her moral compass deep into Doe s world, she puts her beloved young daughter at risk. As if her days are not challenging enough, sparks fly with a former lover. Even as she bonds with the charge nurse, battles with a weathered NYPD detective, and keeps her worried fiance at bay, she follows the increasingly dangerous trail to the terrible truth: both Lennon and Doe s deaths were premeditated murder."

Author Details

Author Details

Burns-Bisogno, Louisa

Louisa Burns-Bisogno is an award-winning screenwriter, director, author, and international media consultant with over one hundred on-screen credits. Her movies have been produced on cable TV and on all the major US networks, as well as distributed internationally. Among these are My Body, My Child with Vanessa Redgrave, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Cynthia Nixon and Bridge to Silence, with Marlee Matlin. Louisa has trained professional writers in dramatic series techniques in Moscow, Dublin, and Rome. She has written stories and scripts for popular American daytime series

Shohen, Saundra

Saundra Shohen was administrator of the emergency department at Roosevelt Hospital for five years. Subsequently she served as vice president of program development and media relations for PRISM International. During a long career in health care, she served on the mayor's New York City Task Force on Rape and was a judge for the Emmy Awards for programs addressing teenage suicide, drug abuse, and alcoholism. She has written radio scripts for the Voice of America focused on health issues and has edited many books for other authors. The last chapter of her book Emergency! is the