The Truth

Version: Unabridged
Author: Zizou Corder
Narrator: Simon Jones
Genres: Fiction, Teen
Publisher: HighBridge Audio
Published In: September 2005
# of Units: 5 CDs
Length: 6 hours
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The final book in this exhilarating trilogy is the best yet, with all of the characters listeners love, pell-mell action, plot twists, and a thoroughly satisfying conclusion.

Charlie Ashanti has restored the lions to their home in the wilds of Morocco. He's been reunited with his parents in an African port town. The boy who speaks Cat is starting to believe that his adventures might be over.

Not likely in a series famous for its "fast-paced cinematic action" (Kirkus Reviews). The nefarious lion-tamer Maccomo, recently escaped from captivity, kidnaps Charlie with the intention of selling him and Rafi to the Corporacy! A full-scale chase ensues as Charlie's parents, his Venetian gondolier friend, and his ever-faithful lions pursue Maccomo's ship across the sea.

Eventually, the whole cast of the Lionboy trilogy ends up on the Caribbean island where the Corporacy is headquartered. It's up to Charlie to set things right— even at the cost of certain loyalties.

Author Details

Author Details

Corder, Zizou

ZIZOU CORDER is the pen name for a mother-daughter team of authors. Louisa Young grew up in London and studied history at Cambridge. She has written another trilogy for adults featuring a belly-dancing, motorcycle-riding single mom ("Baby Love, Desiring Cairo", and "Tree of Pearls"), as well as a non-fiction book, "The Book of the Heart".
Her ten-year-old daughter, Isabel Adomakoh Young contributed plot and character details, some of which mirror her own life-like Charlie, the hero of "Lionboy" Isabel is the child of an English woman and an African man and, also like Charlie, she suffers a