True Evil

Version: Unabridged
Author: Greg Iles
Narrator: Dick Hill
Genres: Suspense
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Published In: December 2006
# of Units: 15 CDs
Length: 14 hours
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" If you wanted to kill your spouse and get away with it, you had to do something truly ingenious: something that wouldn t even be perceived as murder. And that was the service that Andrew Rusk had found a way to provide. Like any quality product, it did not come cheap. Nor did it come quickly. And perhaps most important of all, it was not for those with weak constitutions. Demand was high, of course, but few people were truly suitable clients. It took a deep-rooted hatred to watch your spouse die in agony, knowing that you had brought about that pain. But on the other hand, some people bore up remarkably well. "

With these words, "New York Times" bestselling author Greg Iles returns to his trademark Southern milieu in this terrifying thriller, an unnerving tale of evil lurking beneath the veneer of idyllic suburban life. Brimming with the masterful suspense and intense psychological drama that made "Turning Angel," "Blood Memory," and "The Quiet Game" bestsellers, "True Evil" tells the chilling story of a divorce attorney who may be orchestrating the deaths of his clients spouses, bringing new meaning to the phrase til death do us part.

Dr. Chris Shepard is thirty-six years old, newly married, and well on his way to a perfect life. Or so he believes. But that future is forever cast into doubt the day Special Agent Alexandra Morse walks into his office and drops a bombshell: Dr. Shepard s beautiful new wife is plotting his murder. Shepard is so shocked that he almost throws Agent Morse out of his office. Yet once he is alone, doubt begins to gnaw at him. Paranoia magnifies the small cracks in his marital relationship, and soon he can have no peace unless he knows the truth. When Agent Morse reappears, Chris agrees to act as bait to help her unravel the divorce lawyer s scheme, which may already have cost nine unsuspecting spouses their lives.

At the center of the mystery lies a maddeningly simple question: If these people really were murdered, why can t the FBI prove it? Rigorous autopsies have uncovered no forensic evidence of foul play, and the police believe no crimes have occurred. As Dr. Shepard and Agent Morse struggle against an invisible adversary, Shepard realizes that he s working with a desperate woman. The reason: the killer s last known victim was Alex Morse s sister, who from her deathbed accused her husband of murder and extracted a vow that Alex save her ten-year-old nephew from his father. This has driven Alex to risk both her life and her career to fulfill that vow. But Chris Shepard soon feels desperation of his own. As he probes his wife s hidden past, he is confronted by the probability that the woman he loves wants him dead.

He has adopted her son and given her everything he has to give, and yet somewhere out there, a killer with the brilliance to outwit the top forensic scientists in the world is closing in on him.

Who is this merciless assassin? Why is murder an art form for him? And what clues could exist to lead them to a man of such twisted talents? Not even the clients who hire him know his identity, and the lawyer who works with him fears him above all else. Most terrifying, those who choose murder over divorce soon learn a terrible truth: once set in motion, the instrument of their anger cannot be stopped."

Reviews (3)

Written by R Michael Koehler on September 2nd, 2015

  • Book Rating: 4/5

The Narrator, Dick Hill of True Evil by Greg Iles made this book difficult to listen to. He would end many passages using a soft voice or as a wisper. He also has a srange habit of pausing and then stressing certain words in a sentence which never made sence rather than just speaking what was written.

Return to Form

Written by Tom from Lafayette, IN on August 25th, 2008

  • Book Rating: 4/5

Greg Iles is one great author however I have been disappointed in some of his latest offereings. This book however has him back in form. He is truly in Grisham's league.

True Evil

Written by Lynn S on March 12th, 2008

  • Book Rating: 5/5

I was on the edge of my seat for the whole book. When I saw it was 15 CD's I thought it wouldn't hold my interest for that long, but by the time I got to the last CD, I almost panicked knowing the book was almost over. Loved all the characters.

Author Details

Author Details

Iles, Greg

Greg Iles was born in Germany in 1960, where his father ran the US Embassy Medical Clinic during the height of the Cold War. He spent his youth in Natchez, Mississippi, and graduated from the University of Mississippi in 1983.

Greg founded the band "Frankly Scarlet" and spent several years playing music for a living. The year after he was married, he gigged on the road for 50 weeks out of 52, and realized that this lifestyle was simply not sustainable with a family. He quit the band and began working eighteen hours a day on his first novel, Spandau Phoenix, a thriller about Nazi war criminal Rudolf Hess. When Greg sold this manuscript, he left the music business to complete the book.

Over the course of his next few books, Greg broke the formula adhered to by most commercial novelists and wrote in a variety of genres. Surprisingly, each found a place on the bestseller list, and today readers look forward to discovering what new subject Greg has explored in his latest novel.

Greg's novels have been translated into more than a dozen languages and published in more than twenty countries worldwide.