Your Present: A Half Hour of Peace

Version: Unabridged
Author: Susie Mantell
Narrator: Susie Mantell
Genres: Self Development
Publisher: Relax...Intuit
Published In: September 2000
Length: 36 minutes
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Welcome to the Quiet Place Where Worries Dissipate...Where Healing Begins...

The warm narration of Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace carries us effortlessly into soft relaxation, releasing the day surrounding this half-hour, relieving symptoms of Stress & Sleeplessness, Pain, Depression, Chemotherapy, Fatigue, Recovery, etc. In a world that often seems to spin too's a gentle path to a quiet place.

Author Details

Author Details

Mantell, Susie

Mantell customizes stress-relief programs for Fortune 500, distinguished hospitals, professional conferences and world-class spas. Often described as a "calm within the storm", Mantell's imaginative techniques for stress reduction have appeared in NBC, CBS, ABC TV, Cosmopolitan, McCalls, America Online,, etc.