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Narrators by Last Name Number of Titles
Lillien, Lisa 1 title
Lilly, Aimee 2 titles
Lim, Thea 1 title
Limbaugh, Rush 5 titles
Limbaugh, David 9 titles
Lindhout, Amanda 1 title
Lindsay, Jeff 6 titles
Lindsey, Hal 13 titles
Lindén, Axel 1 title
Lingan, John 1 title
Linn, Denise 2 titles
Lipkin, Avi 1 title
Lipman, Maureen 1 title
Lipper, Jodi 1 title
Lippincott, Rachael 1 title
Lippold, Kirk S. 1 title
Lipsyte, Sam 1 title
Lipton, Bruce H. 1 title
Lister, Tim 1 title
Lithgow, John 1 title
Littell, Robert 5 titles
Little, John 1 title
Little, Dr. David 1 title
Little, Benilde 4 titles
Littman, Jonathan 2 titles