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Narrators by Last Name Number of Titles
Lane, Randall 1 title
Lang, Avis 1 title
Langdon, Lorie 1 title
Langewiesche, William 4 titles
Language, Living 32 titles
Lannon, Lisa 1 title
Lanzalotta, Stephen 1 title
Lapearl, Isabella 6 titles
Lapotaire, Jane 1 title
Larkin, Alison 2 titles
Larkin, Pete 1 title
Larsen, Gail 1 title
Larsen, Ward 3 titles
Lashinsky, Adam 1 title
Laufer, Peter 1 title
Lauren, Jillian 3 titles
Lauren, Christina 4 titles
Lauren, Ralph 1 title
Laurent, Amy 1 title
Laurin, Nina 3 titles
Lavalle, Victor 3 titles
Lawford, Christopher Kennedy 1 title
Lawless, Wendy 1 title