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Narrators by Last Name Number of Titles
Rath, Tom 6 titles
Rather, Dan 2 titles
Ratigan, Dylan 2 titles
Rattiner, Dan 1 title
Raul Bernardo, Jose 1 title
Ravens, Jan 9 titles
Rawl, Paige 1 title
Ray, Jeanne 2 titles
Ray, Lincee 1 title
Ray, Reginald A. 2 titles
Raymond, Henry N. 31 titles
Raynor, Andrea 1 title
Rea, Shiva 7 titles
Reagan, Ronald 7 titles
Reagan, Ron 1 title
Reagan, Michael 2 titles
Real, Terrence 3 titles
Redfield, Salle Merrill 1 title
Redman, Matt 2 titles