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Narrators by Last Name Number of Titles
Baldwin, Christina 1 title
Baldwin, Alec 1 title
Baloche, Paul 1 title
Balzer, Joseph 1 title
Bam, MS 1 title
Ban Breathnach, Sarah 2 titles
Banghart, Tracy 1 title
Bank, Melissa 1 title
Banks, Lynne Reid 2 titles
Banks, Brian 1 title
Barak, Ehud 1 title
Baranski, Christine 1 title
Barber, Nicola 1 title
Barber, Dan 1 title
Barbisan, Carlos 1 title
Bard, Elizabeth 3 titles
Bareilles, Sara 1 title
Barger, Shaun 1 title
Barkalow, Gary 1 title
Barker, Ronnie 3 titles
Barker, Bob 1 title
Barkley, Charles 2 titles
Barks, Coleman 4 titles
Barnes, Jennifer Lynn 4 titles