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Authors by Last Name Number of Titles
Gutman, Matt 1 title
Gutman, Dan 29 titles
Gutradt, Gail 1 title
Gutteridge, Rene 3 titles
Guttersen, Connie 1 title
Gutwein, Austin 2 titles
Gutzman, Kevin R.C. 2 titles
Guy, John 2 titles
Guy, Buddy 1 title
Guymer, David 1 title
Guzman-McMillan, Genelle 1 title
Gwartney, Debra 1 title
Gwin, Larry 1 title
Gwyn, Aaron 1 title
Gwynne, Phillip 2 titles
Gwynne, S. C. 4 titles
Gwynne, John 1 title
Gyasi, Yaa 1 title
Gyatso, Geshe Kelsang 3 titles
Gyldén, Axel 1 title
Gylys, Beth 1 title
Gysin, Brion 1 title
Gzowski, Peter 1 title