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Authors by Last Name Number of Titles
Symons, Michael G. 1 title
Synge, J. M. 1 title
Syswerda, Jean E. 1 title
Sytes, Set 1 title
Szablowski, Witold 1 title
Szado, Ania 1 title
Szalavita, Maia 2 titles
Szalay, David 2 titles
Szasz, Thomas 1 title
Szegedy-Maszak, Marianne 1 title
Szen, David 1 title
Szerlip, B. Alexandra 1 title
Szichman, Mario 1 title
Szuchman, Paula 1 title
Szuchman, Mark 1 title
Szwed, John F. 1 title
“Slim” Lambright, Evelyn 2 titles