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Authors by Last Name Number of Titles
Byrne, Rhonda 7 titles
Byrne, John A. 1 title
Byrne, Trevor 1 title
Byrne, Gary J. 1 title
Byrne, Hugh G. 1 title
Byrne, Paula 1 title
Byrne, Emma 1 title
Byrne, Donn 1 title
Byrnes, Jonathan L. S. 1 title
Byrnes, Jonathan 1 title
Byron, Lord George Gordon 2 titles
Byron, Ellen 1 title
Byron, George Gordon 1 title
Byron, Kari 1 title
Byron Schachner, Judith 5 titles
Byrski, Liz 2 titles
Byster, Mike 1 title
Bythell, Shaun 1 title
Bywaters, Grant 1 title
bandele, asha 3 titles