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Authors by Last Name Number of Titles
Washington University School of Medicine 1 title
Aline Countess of Romanones 1 title
Colonial Radio Players 1 title
Brother Andrew 2 titles
Seuss 1 title
Tabernaculo De Amor 1 title
Mother Angelica 1 title
Mother Teresa of Calcutta 2 titles
Minnesota Orchestra 1 title
Henry Malone 1 title
Symphony Space 7 titles
Engle & Barnes 9 titles
Engle 7 titles
Behind the Wheel 2 titles
Various Readers 1 title
Effective Learning Systems Inc 1 title
Monks and Nuns of Plum Village 1 title
Shiva Rea 1 title
Culture Clash 1 title
Siloam Press 1 title
Tyndale Entertainment 1 title
Sunzi 1 title
Don't Sweat Press 1 title
Autobiography by the Pythons 1 title
Teresa of Avila 2 titles
Brother Yun 1 title
Performance Research Associates Inc 1 title
Phoenix Books 1 title
Third Day 1 title
Rose Publishing 1 title
Montaigne 1 title
K'wan 10 titles
Rumi 1 title
Delilah 1 title
Canfield Mark Victor Hansen Madeline Cla 1 title
Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen Madelin 1 title
W. E. B. Griffin and William E. Butterwo 1 title
P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast 1 title
John P. Kotter and Lorne a. Whitehead 1 title
Lee Goldberg William Rabkin and James Da 1 title
King Abdullah II 1 title
Abdullah 1 title
De Rosnay 1 title
Jack Canfield Mark Victor Hansen and Amy 1 title
L. J. Krizner and Lisa Sita 1 title
Invisible Committee 1 title
Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarbor 1 title
G. K. Chesterton and M. J. Elliott 1 title
Shirley P. Glass Ph. D. and Jean Coppock 1 title
O Henry 1 title
John Chua and Suzanne Pavlos M. Ed C. S. 1 title
Angus Holland and Emily Ross 1 title
Bowman David 1 title
Athanasius of Alexandria 1 title
Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation 1 title
Janet Evanovich and Leanne Banks 1 title
Jill Gregory and Karen Tintori 1 title
Ken Abraham and Daniel Hart 2 titles
Evanovich 1 title
Keret 1 title