8 Weeks to Optimum Health

Version: Abridged
Author: Andrew Weil, M.D.
Narrator: Andrew Weil, M.D.
Genres: Health & Fitness, Health & Wellness
Publisher: Del Rey Books
Published In: December 2004
# of Units: 3 CDs
Length: 3 hours
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2 cassettes / 3 hours
Read by the Author, Dr. Andrew Weil
Listen to the good doctor!
In Eight Weeks to Optimum Health, Dr. Andrew Weil translates the brilliant insights and discoveries he outlined in his acclaimed bestseller, Spontaneous Healing, into a practical plan of action: a week-by-week, step-by-step program for enhancing and protecting present and lifelong health.
The Eight-Week Program sets up a foundation for healthy living that will keep your body's natural healing system in peak working order. With clearly defined and authoritatively informed recommendations, Dr. Weil explains how to
* Build a lifestyle that protects you from premature illness and disability
* Fine-tune your current eating habits so that your diet is more nutritious
* Walk and stretch in regimens that satisfy weekly exercise requirements
* Safeguard your healing system by adding four antioxidant supplements--vitamin C and E, selenium, and mixed carotenes--to your diet
* Incorporate five basic breathing exercises for greater relaxation and energy
* Benefit from visualization, overcome sleeping problems, and test and filter your water supply
* Make art, music, and the natural world more important parts of your life
PLUS--a dozen tailored programs that address the specific needs of pregnant women, senior citizens, overweight people, and those at risk for cancer.

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Written by Anonymous from Pensacola, FL on July 28th, 2005

  • Book Rating: 3/5

I found the book to be very informative. It's clear that the author knows what he's talking about. But to get optimum health is an illusion. What his standard of optimum health may be different from any other doctor. Anyway if you can afford the healthest food on a daily basis then by all means, go for it.

Author Details

Author Details

Weil, M.D., Andrew

Andrew Weil, M.D. is the author of ten previous books, including Spontaneous Healing, Eight Weeks to Optimum Health, Eating Well for Optimum Health, and, with Rosie Daley, The Healthy Kitchen. A graduate of Harvard Medical School, he is clinical professor of medicine and director of the Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. He writes Self Healing, a monthly newsletter, and maintains the Web site DrWeil.com. More of his work on aging can be found at www.healthyaging.com. He lives in Arizona.