Version: Unabridged
Author: Pat Schmatz
Narrator: Luke Daniels , Kate Rudd
Genres: Educational, Fiction, Teen
Publisher: Candlewick on Brilliance Audio
Published In: September 2011
# of Units: 4 CDs
Length: 4 hours, 37 minutes
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It sucks being with Grandpa in this new town. It sucks that they left the old place without finding Rosco. Travis doesn't want to do anything, especially try to get by in his classes, which never seems possible, anyway. He's a Bluefish - stupid, angry, alone. Then, suddenly, there's a girl. Velveeta. She's up in his face and she's not backing down. She is as loud as he is quiet, as outgoing as he is shut in. She's pretty, in a funky, scarf-wearing sort of way, and she's smart - way smart - smart enough to figure out that Travis has a secret. And she should know. She has a few of her own. She's not sure what's up with him, but she's determined to find out. So is McQueen, the teacher who might just be the one to unleash something in Travis that has been held back for a very long time. With a cast of utterly believable characters, Pat Schmatz has crafted a story rich in moments of trust and connection, told with humor, heartbreak, and fearless honesty.

Author Details

Author Details

Schmatz, Pat

Pat Schmatz is the author of Bluefish, which garnered three starred reviews. In one, School Library Journal said the book has all the hallmarks of a classic and is packed with memorable and believable characters and powered by the prospect of redemption. About Lizard Radio, the author says, I keep a notepad with sketches and ideas and one day, a lonely lizard wearing headphones came out of my pencil. The young lizard was desperate to pick up a signal and from that moment on, so was I. When I tuned in, I found this story. Pat Schmatz lives in Wisconsin.