Dune Messiah

Version: Unabridged
Author: Frank Herbert
Narrator: Scott Brick , Simon Vance , Katherine Kellgren , Euan Morton
Genres: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Science Fiction
Publisher: Macmillan Audio
Published In: October 2007
# of Units: 7 CDs
Length: 9 hours
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The bestselling science fiction series of all time continues! Frank Herbert's second installment explores new developments on the desert planet Arrakis, with its intricate social order and its strange threatening environment. Dune Messiah picks up the story of the man known as Maud'dib, heir to a power unimaginable, bringing to fruition an ambition of unparalleled scale: the centuries-old scheme to create a superbeing who reigns not in the heavens but among men. But the question is: Do all paths of glory lead to the grave?

Reviews (4)

Dune Messiah: Book Two in the Dune Chronicles

Written by Emily B. on October 11th, 2019

  • Book Rating: 5/5

This book was sad for me. Letting go of a lot of great characters. I\'ve read the three prequels and the first dune book. But I will still impressed with the story line and it kept me interested.

Dune Messiah

Written by Bruce Curson from Slidell, LA on September 17th, 2009

  • Book Rating: 5/5

A great sequel to Dune. I was not expecting a better read than Dune but I believe that it was. This is a much shorter novel when compared to Dune and that length fits the book well since most of the background was already set in the longer novel, Dune. You won't be disappointed as the story continues ... and obviously, you must have already read Dune to fully understand the nuances suggested in this book.


Written by lorin on July 14th, 2009

  • Book Rating: 4/5

I was not expecting to like this book. Unlike everyone else, I did not like Dune. I felt the characters were rushed in the first book. I thought this book was very interesting as a character study. Herbert spent much less time developing the story line and much more time expounding on the characters. Put together the story felt complete.


Written by John from St Augustine, FL on July 22nd, 2008

  • Book Rating: 2/5

Difficult book to get through. Very week plot--nothing exciting happens. Mostly consists of dialogue between characters.

Author Details

Author Details

Herbert, Frank

Frank Herbert was born in Tacoma, Washington, and studied at the University of Washington, Seattle. He worked a wide-variety of jobs--including newspaper reporter and editor, political speechwriter, university professor, TV cameraman, radio commentator, oyster diver, jungle survival instructor, lay analyst, and creative writing teacher--before becoming a full-time writer. His first sf story was published in 1952 but he achieved fame more than ten years later with the publication in "Analog" of "Dune World" and "The Prophet of Dune" that were amalgamated in the novel Dune in 1965. For more, vis