Instant Immersion Spanish Crash Course

Version: Unabridged
Author: Jenny Lona, Ph.D.
Narrator: Jenny Lona, Ph.D.
Genres: Language, Spanish, Language Instruction
Publisher: Topics Entertainment
Published In: January 2003
# of Units: 3 CDs
Length: 3 hours
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Fast Vocabulary, Phrases and Pronunciation
• The most widely used method in the world!
• Developed by linguists & university educators
• Ideal for all ages - children & adults!
• Perfect for business, travel & school use
Designed to pinpoint the most relevant information needed for daily communication, the Instant Immersion™ Spanish Crash Course provides a quick yet thorough program for travelers, students, and business people alike who need to master key SPEAKING skills- fast! Emulating common situations you may experience while in a foreign country, this program stresses the key vocabulary and phrases used in everyday conversations, providing detailed pronunciation exercises to ensure your accuracy. With simple yet effective drills coupled with reinforcement exercises, you will acquire a solid foundation of phrases and terms that will have you speaking at an intermediate level.

Millions of people worldwide have discovered the value of Instant Immersion™, the effective, in-depth program of language learning that uses native speakers and cultural notes to make speaking a foreign language easy. Now, tourists on the go, students, and business travelers in a hurry, can employ these same celebrated methods in a quicker, condensed format with the Instant Immersion™ Spanish Crash Course, the audio suite of foreign-language fundamentals on 3 CDs. From salutations to sounds of the alphabet, the Crash Course emphasizes the basics of spoken communication in your new language, enabling you to converse in Spanish. Instant Immersion™ Spanish Crash Course is your fast track to Spanish proficiency!

Reviews (4)

Not for following along in car.

Written by Anonymous from San Marcos, CA on May 30th, 2008

  • Book Rating: 2/5

I found that the course was not geared to learning while listening on the road. There was too much grammar in the beginning and not a lot of listen and repeat time.

Instant immeriersion spanish crash

Written by Eric Strauchler on November 11th, 2005

  • Book Rating: 2/5

This book was enjoyable to listen to. I did get somewhat more comfortable with using some of words learned. Yet it was very detailed. Like sitting through a lecture.

Instant Immersion Spanish

Written by Susana on October 10th, 2005

  • Book Rating: 3/5

This was a pretty good course. I just couldn't stick with it. I think if I had it would have helped me. I yearned to put in a novel and just enjoy. Learning a language requires some work, and driving the car is enough work. I'd recommend this course if you are not driving while listening, and maybe even writing down some of the material. A workbook with the course would improve it.

Instant Immersion Spanish Crash Course [uab]

Written by Anonymous on September 6th, 2005

  • Book Rating: 3/5

I found the 1st 2 discs a good intro to Spanish, just right for the very beginning of your Spanish training, but the 3rd was too advanced for me - a lot of conjugation of verbs, etc. which would probably be ok if you had a chance to write things down as you hear them, but in the car it just doesn't work.