Let's Get Real or Let's Not Play

Version: Unabridged
Author: Mahan Khalsa
Narrator: Unknown
Genres: Business & Economics, Self Development, Management & Leadership
Publisher: Franklin Covey
Published In: June 2000
# of Units: 6 CDs
Length: 7 hours
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Selling is the second oldest profession, often confused with the first.

The notion of selling carries a lot of baggage. As it has developed, sales has often become a fear-based relationship. Customers are afraid that they will be "sold" a bill of goods, or that a salesperson will talk them into something that doesn't help them succeed.

On the other hand, salespeople fear they won't make the sale. If they "lose" enough sales, they won't make quota, and they won't personally succeed. In their quest to "close the deal," even some of the world's largest, quota-crazed organizations have, at times, developed a reputation for salespeople who are illusive, ignorant, and arrogant.

Buyers don't trust sellers. Because they aren't trusted, sellers have to guess, and often guess wrong. Buyers prove themselves right and create higher hurdles. And so it goes, with neither client nor consultant achieving success.

Helping Clients Succeed™ is fundamental to the success of any business. This program teaches you to become totally client-focused, break down the barriers of dysfunctional business development, and find rewarding, productive business relationships. With honesty, clarity, and authenticity, Mahan Khalsa cuts through the nonsense and focuses on getting results and helping clients succeed.

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Not a good audiobook.

Written by Anonymous on February 15th, 2007

  • Book Rating: 1/5

I was so distracted by the obnoxious and condescending voice of the reader (I think this was read by the author?), that I could not even concentrate on what was being read. Sounded a lot like one of those people who have no internal volume control - he got annoyingly loud as he read something he thought was obvious. If it's that obvious, why is it in the book in the first place?

Author Details

Author Details

Khalsa, Mahan

Khalsa is a world-renowned expert in business development. He graduated with honors in economics from UCLA and has an MBA from Harvard.