Miraculous: A Fascinating History of Signs, Wonders, and Miracles

Version: Unabridged
Author: Kevin Belmonte
Narrator: Simon Bubb
Genres: Christianity
Publisher: Thomas Nelson on Brilliance Audio
Published In: February 2014
# of Units: 7 CDs
Length: 8 hours, 46 minutes
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For thousands of years, the hope of heaven has called to people through miracles. When we stop to consider their stories, God's voice calls to us as well.? In our age of constant innovation, technological achievement, and the sad tendency to see ourselves as the captains of our fate, we may be tempted to make little time for miracles, or give little credence to them. But to live our lives without a sense of the miraculous is to live impoverished lives. Our word for miracle comes from the Latin word mirari, ?to wonder.? And well might we wonder when we consider the nature of miracles and their purpose. It is here that a grand conversation beckons. God has been our help in ages past. He is our hope for years to come. To learn of holy events and people ? supremely, to look upon the Savior ? is to see the power of God, and how He has always sought to draw us to Himself. He is our eternal home. Miracles point the way there. In this audiobook are scenes and lives touched by eternity, settings of almighty declaration, moments marked by deliverance, by mercy, or visionary unfoldings of God's divine intent. Kevin Belmonte provides learned insight into the profoundly important history of miracles. Miraculous is a richly researched text of wondrous things that have taken place from ancient times to the present.

Author Details

Author Details

Belmonte, Kevin

Kevin Belmonteholds a BA in English Literature andtwo MA's in Church History and American and New England studies. He is the author of several books includingWilliam Wilberforce: A Hero for Humanityand winner of the prestigious John Pollock Award for Christian Biography