Mob Action Against the State: Collected Speeches from the Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair

Version: Abridged
Author: Various Artists
Narrator: Various Artists
Genres: History, Politics
Publisher: AK Audio
Published In: November 2002
# of Units: 2 CDs
Length: 2 hours, 20 minutes
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In this increasingly illiterate age of sound bites and the short attention span, AK Press Audio presents the finest of informative, challenging and radical ideas in a user-friendly shiny plastic compact disc format. Whether you are stuck in the morning commute, or relaxing after a hard day staring at the infernal computer screen, AK Audio delivers the best minds of today's (and yesterday's) generation of activists and scholars in an accessible format. Since the debut of the first three Noam Chomsky lectures in 1995, AK Audio has provided professionally recorded, edited and refined programs for your listening pleasure and education -- welcome to the world of audio agit-prop.

The Bay Area is rich in local radicals, and most of them have taken a turn at the microphone of the renowned Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair. Here's an all-star collection from the speakers' corner of the bookfair: Jello Biafra, ex-frontman for the punk band Dead Kennedys; Beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti; author Christian Parenti (Lockdown America); author/punk rocker Craig O'Hara (The Philosophy of Punk); anti-prison activist/author Ruth Wilson Gilmore (Golden Gulag); and Emma Goldman Papers curator Barry Pateman cut loose on anarchism, art, prisons, politics and more, in a relaxed setting.