Sex & the Married Girl: From Clicking to Climaxing-The Complete Truth about Modern Marriage

Version: Unabridged
Author: Mandi Norwood
Narrator: Mandi Norwood
Genres: Intimacy & Sex, Marriage & Family
Publisher: New Millennium Audio
Published In: May 2003
# of Units: 9 CDs
Length: 10 hours, 30 minutes
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Sex and the Married Girl is the hilarious, honest, sometimes shocking, but always heartfelt look at how women today feel about love, marriage, and themselves. No married girl, once-married girl, or about-to-be-married girl should deny herself this illuminating listen.

Reviews (2)

Sex & the Married Girl: From Clicking to Climaxing-The Complete Truth about Modern Marriage

Written by DF on December 23rd, 2008

  • Book Rating: 3/5

If you want to be entertained without questioning the author's motives, this book is an enjoyable listen. If you want to get real world modern tips on a relationship, then this book is abit of a joke. There isn't an ounce of mutual respect in the author's world. It is a world in which women seem to make up for their father's patriachal sins toward their oppressed, weak mothers, by cheating on, denigrating and bossing around their current husbands. Basically, she shows little care of others (stay at home moms and men in particular), and seems to think we all make a 6 figure salary and can hire a nanny to make a quick getaway romp whenever we desire and refrain from any domestic work. This is not a book about choice - it is a book rife with sexual elitism. However, believe it or not - I still found it very enjoyable when I just took it for what it was. A lot of self absorbed blabbering with segments of witty and michevious insights.


Written by KD on January 5th, 2007

  • Book Rating: 4/5

This is an interesting look at the Married Girl -- women who work, make money, express themselves, call the shots, etc. The author offers the views of several women on issues like money, sex, power in the relationship, family, etc. She offers insights into what works -- and what doesn't -- in marriage today. And she does it in a witty and wonderful tone. I didn't agree with everything she says. But I loved the bold way she says it.