Telling Truth to Power

Version: Unabridged
Author: Catherine Daw
Narrator: Catherine Daw
Genres: Business & Economics, Instructional
Publisher: Multi-Media Publications Inc.
Published In: November 2005
Length: 1 hour, 4 minutes
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The failure of projects remains a critical challenge. Reports such as those done by the Standish Group or Gartner indicate that more projects are either cancelled or fail than are actually ever delivered successfully. In fact, the failure to success ratio is almost 2:1. And, this doesn't even speak to the category of challenged projects.

As we delve into this issue we touch upon a key success factor: top management support. Looking at this from two dimensions we understand that for projects to be successful it requires open and honest communications with upper management. This in turn requires Project Managers to be able to deliver status – good or bad – without fear... herein lies the dilemma.

This recording discusses typical barriers and possible solutions. In addition, it provides key insights into gaining top management support through better communication.

Author royalties from this presentation will be donated to the Canadian Women's Foundation (CWF).