The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Version: Unabridged (Abridged version available here)
Author: Stieg Larsson
Narrator: Simon Vance
Genres: Suspense, Thriller
Publisher: Random House Audio Publishing Group
Published In: November 2011
# of Units: 13 CDs
Length: 16 hours, 30 minutes
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A spellbinding amalgam of murder mystery, family saga,
love story, and financial intrigue.

It’s about the disappearance forty years ago of Harriet Vanger, a young scion of one of the wealthiest families in Sweden . . . and about her octogenarian uncle, determined to know the truth about what he believes was her murder.

It’s about Mikael Blomkvist, a crusading journalist recently at the wrong end of a libel case, hired to get to the bottom of Harriet’s disappearance . . . and about Lisbeth Salander, a twenty-four-year-old pierced and tattooed genius hacker possessed of the hard-earned wisdom of someone twice her age who assists Blomkvist with the investigation. This unlikely team discovers a vein of nearly unfathomable iniquity running through the Vanger family, astonishing corruption in the highest echelons of Swedish industrialism, and an unexpected connection between themselves.

Contagiously exciting, it’s about society at its most hidden, and about the intimate lives of a brilliantly realized cast of characters, all of them forced to face the darker aspects of their world and of their own lives.

Reviews (49)

Written by Anonymous on September 3rd, 2019

  • Book Rating: 5/5

Moody and interesting story. Engaging mystery and characters.

Written by Anonymous on May 13th, 2019

  • Book Rating: 5/5

super slow start...halfway through and I could not understand the hype...and THEN boom! strong finish, solid listen and the narrator did a superb job carrying this book across the finish line...worth the slow start...outstanding (yet super dark)!

Written by Kimyan G. on November 14th, 2018

  • Book Rating: 5/5

This is one of the best books I've read in a long time. It gave everything a book is supposed to give and more. I enjoyed the audiobook so much I have purchased the series in paperback to reread it Books 2 and 3 just got better to me.

Written by Emily W on October 27th, 2017

  • Book Rating: 5/5

Loved this book. The first few hours were difficulty to get into because it’s a lot of background info. But once you get past that, the story is amazing!

Written by Christine O on October 24th, 2017

  • Book Rating: 5/5

EXCELLENT narration and a wonderfully written story. Amazing plot twists. Extremely interesting. Great book.

Written by Angel Herrera on January 10th, 2017

  • Book Rating: 4/5

A little exposition heavy but a great book. I'll be looking forward to the next 2.

Written by Bart Benedict on January 3rd, 2017

  • Book Rating: 5/5

Great book, really pulls you in. Narrator has an excellent performance in spanning all the characters. I highly recommend.

Written by Nicole Perras on December 28th, 2016

  • Book Rating: 5/5

This book was awesome. I really liked it. Narrator was fantastic.

Written by Mary-Elisabeth Ruttenbur on June 15th, 2016

  • Book Rating: 5/5

Absolutely loved this book and the narration of it. Can't wait to continue listening to the other books in this series.

Written by Julie Koone on May 6th, 2016

  • Book Rating: 5/5

Very good book,can't wait to read the other books in the series, I would highly recommend.