The Modern Kama Sutra Workshop for Lovers

# of Units: 2 CDs
Length: 2 hours
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Discover the wonderful teachings of the ancient Kama Sutra. Learn about your senses, preparing the environment, the importance of nature and water, and bringing spirituality into your lovemaking. Join Dr. Patti Britton and four real life couples as they learn to experiment with erotic massage, spontaneous lovemaking, food and sex, and other erotic encounters. Learn why pleasuring her first will open the gateway to to great sex.

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Not what I expected

Written by Kaygy on May 23rd, 2006

  • Book Rating: 2/5

This is a recording of a live seminar with many visual references that are not included in the audio version. They need to be included or have links to get to them. There are a number of good tips but not enough to make this a "must listen to" disk.