Tips for Managing e-Business Projects

Version: Unabridged
Author: Yogi Schulz
Narrator: Yogi Schulz
Genres: Business & Economics, Instructional, Management & Leadership
Publisher: Multi-Media Publications Inc.
Published In: July 2006
Length: 1 hour, 10 minutes
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e-Business projects bring a new set of pressures to bear on project managers. In this presentation, Yogi Schulz will describe effective techniques for successfully delivering e-Business projects. The techniques speak to the unique characteristics of e-Business projects and reinforce the best practices from project management experience.

Reviews (3)

Just OK

Written by Natalie from Midlothian, VA on July 16th, 2009

  • Book Rating: 3/5

Although the speaker is exceptional and the audio wsa clear, which sometimes doesn't happen with taped lectures, the content was just OK. Anyone with any type of ecommerce experience will not gain anything from this audio. If you have a business without an Internet presence these days, you're already behind the times, but this audio will give you a little insight on to additional areas of management that you will face with the online world as well as teh brick and mortor kind.

Not a bad lecture

Written by Anonymous on December 4th, 2007

  • Book Rating: 3/5

This was not a book but a copy of a lecture given at a PM conference. Not a bad talk. Doesn't really cover anything new but is a good reminder of some things to think about when managing eBusiness projects.

Tips for Managing e-Business Projects

Written by Michael Duvall on August 3rd, 2007

  • Book Rating: 4/5

Excellent seminar on creating a solid e commerce plan for any organization. Schulz goes over many of the issues that stakeholders often neglect in their vision to "just get the job done". He places emphasis on some of the keep components of an e commerce project plan such as security, infrastructure, testing and production phases that every CEO and/or stakeholder should be aware of. I highly recommend this book to any e commerce project manager newbie, but not the PM newbie.