Write That Memoir Right Now

Version: Unabridged
Author: Kim Brittingham
Narrator: Susan Boyce
Genres: Non-Fiction, Lectures
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks
Published In: January 2013
# of Units: 5 CDs
Length: 5 hours, 49 minutes
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If you want to put your life story down in words, where do you start? Exactly what story are you hoping to tell? How are you going to fill hundreds of pages? How do you plan it out? Memoirist, blogger, and writing teacher Kim Brittingham shares her insight into getting started with your writing and crafting your memoir. Starting with the basic questions every writer should ask himself/herself, such as why do you want to write a memoir; what story do you want to tell; what form should your story take; who is the audience; and most importantly, why does anyone care? Kim shares her experience and her wisdom, reviewing key aspects of the writing process, including characterization, plotting, theme, focus, point of view, editing, and revising. And she adds valuable information on the business of getting published and ways to get your story read.

Author Details

Author Details

Brittingham, Kim

Kim Brittingham is the author of "Read My Hips: How I Learned to Love My Body, Ditch Dieting, and Live Large" and a part-time instructor at Gotham Writers Workshop in New York City. She also works as a social media consultant and content provider to thought leaders, businesses, and creative agencies.