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Narrators by Last Name Number of Titles
Franken, Al 4 titles
Franklin, DeVon 4 titles
Franklin, Ariana 3 titles
Franks, Mark 1 title
Franks, Tommy R. 1 title
Frantz, Laura 5 titles
Frantz, Chris 1 title
Frantzis, Bruce 1 title
Franzen, Jonathan 8 titles
Franzese, Cammy 1 title
Franzese, Michael 1 title
Fraser, Ruthie 1 title
Frazee, Randy 5 titles
Frazier, Ian 2 titles
Frear, Caz 2 titles
Freedhoff, Yoni 1 title
Freedman, Michael 1 title
Freedman, David H. 2 titles
Freeman, Richard 2 titles
Freeman, James 1 title
Freeman, Hadley 1 title
Freese, Thomas A. 1 title
Freidzon, Claudio 1 title